Top 10 societies that make the DU culture remarkable

It is the dream of every student to enroll in a good university, which will teach them a good way to study by making learning fun and exciting. DU and all its societies ensure that the students take part in extra-curricular activities and take out some time for themselves for their holistic growth and development. For this, students should join Cultural Societies, Clubs, and co-curricular activities.

There are many universities here that offer a good combo of academics and other activities, but when compared with Delhi University, none stands a chance. DU has carved its own niche when it comes to cultural Societies, college fests, and everything that a student dreams of in a cultural Society.

If you need any reason to get admission in Delhi University this year, this can be it. So, If you are planning to be the part of Delhi University then you should know about these top 10 societies that make the DU culture remarkable.

1) ABHIVYAKTI: The Dramatics Society of Indraprastha college

Abhivyakti is one of the best dramatics society of Delhi University. They are best known for tackling social issues in their own dramatic style. Chauraha is one of the most popular street play festivals of DU which is organized by DU in collaboration with Shruti, the annual fest if IP college. If a student wants to take out the artist hidden inside him, Abhivyakti will help you to do that and much more.

2) NAZAAKAT: The folk dance society of Gargi College.

This society is best known for its vibrating ghungroos, performances, choreography, and the heart touching expressions of the group. This society is one of the best dance societies that we have on campus. Their principle – “If your foot starts tapping to beats, you should not give this one a miss.” Every twirl they make has the power to take your breath away- Yes, it’s that beautiful!

3) THE PLAYERS: Theatre group society of Kirori Mal College

It has a golden history of 52 years. This society is supposed to be the creator of many Bollywood Talents including Kabir Khan, Satish Kaushik, Ali Abbas Zafar. It hosts the inter-college theatre fest annually. They believe in “The experiment never settles for the conventional”. As they believe in this, that’s why they are at the top. Among all the societies, theatre groups work the best to bring out your talent in the field of expressing your emotions. Look for more such groups and you can actually find your way to the reel world.

4) IBTIDA: The dramatics society of Hindu College. 

It is one of the best dramatics society at Delhi University. It has a rigorous three-day-long audition process so that only the best can make it to the society. This society also organizes it’s annual fest “Medina“ which is a big hit in the university. IBTIDA has performed in nine districts of Rajasthan in collaboration with the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Collaborating with IBTIDA is a dream of almost all the societies of DU.

5) GLITZ: The fashion society of Kamal Nehru college.

If you love fashion and dressing up trendy, then this one might be for you. The Glitz is the official fashion society of Kamala Nehru college of DU. This society is for all fashion lovers and has won several accolades for being one of the best on-campus. Many publications have declared it to be the best fashion society of DU and it has won several awards to prove it. It boosts your personality with great style and looks. Every time the students walk the ramp, they make sure to put it on fire(not literally of course…duh)

6) LAKSHYA: The Theatre Society of Kamala Nehru College.

With its 16 members, this society believes that “drama is a revolutionary form of art”. According to the name Lakshya, the members are on a mission to make theatre and drama the centerpiece of the college and Delhi University campus in general. The addition is very tough and detailed, Lakshya has set up various parameters through which an applicant is judged, it includes confidence, ability, thinking, experience in theatre, and voice clarity.

7) THE HANSRAJ PROJEKT: The top tier of all the Music Societies

They believe in “Always believe in yourself to be a rockstar”. If anyone has a passion for the band, then this might be for you. The Hansraj Projekt is part of Swaranjali, the music society of Hansraj College. It has a perfect combo of energy, creativity, and talent. This band was recently featured on a leading FM radio channel that boosted their fan following on the DU campus. They also performed on World Music Day Festival.

8) GEETANJALI: The Indian Choire of Miranda House.

As we all know that music is a very important part of the student’s lifestyle at Delhi University and the Geetanjali music society from Miranda House is a perfect example of this. Geetanjali is a blend of two different music streams if Indian classical music – Hindustani music and Karnataka music which adds melody in the life of students. As this is only women colleges so form this society it gives a message if women empowerment behind the melodious compositions brought out by GEETANJALI.

9) PIXELS: The Photography Society of Hansraj College.

Pixels is one of the most prominent societies in Delhi University. It was the first society to host a photography exhibition at the Indian Habitat Centre. “Plickture” is the annual photography festival organized by Pixels which attracts a large number of budding photographers across DU. It also organizes exciting photography competitions. If you are good at clicking anything even your selfies then I think this is a great one for boosting your skills.

10) GALORE: The Fashion Society of Maitreyi College.

While giving platforms to students to express themselves through fashion, this society also empowers them to highlight social issues and causes through their art. Recently Galore enlightened the issue of hunting and poaching of tigers. The costumes of the society are made by the society members within the college premises. You see how diversely talented it makes its members.

The cultural societies in Delhi University are much more than what they seem to be. They are much above a fun activity. It provides students an avenue to express themselves. They also help students in identifying their interests and equip them with the necessary skills for which they can transform it from passion into a career.

NOTE: The above mentioned 10 cultural societies of Delhi University are just the tip of an iceberg and there are many others that you can explore by joining as a fresher. 

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