Online Classes – The Reality of 2020’s Popular Contribution

Online classes have been a major contribution of the Covid-19 pandemic to our daily lives. From playschool kids to college students, the academic life of 2020 has mainly become virtual. While this has been seen by many as a step towards a more internet-savvy future, the ground reality is not exactly all roses. There are several problems students are facing in this new reality of our times.

Online Classes – A set of problems?


Students are facing connectivity issues during online classes. There are students who don’t have a strong internet connection and bandwidth. It limits interaction between the teacher and student owing to which students face difficulties in expressing and clarifying their doubts regarding their studies. Technical issues hinder direct healthy interaction and discussion. 


Online classes have created a number of health-related issues for the students. Students have to stare at the screen for continuous hours which causes eye strain, headache and insomnia. Moreover, continuously staring at a screen causes physical weakness and lethargy. 

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The transition from physical classes to online classes has created troubles for students. Teaching process becomes unproductive, and monotonous for both teachers and the students. It leads to a lack of self-motivation among the students. 


Students are unable to create a balance between their online classes and other activities. There is a lack of mental space for them. There are a number of distractions when they are at home. Students feel isolated leading to anxiety and restlessness. 


The outbreak of the pandemic has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty for the students. Students fear to step out of their homes. Insecurity and lack of confidence are haunting the students. 

The situation does look bad, doesn’t it? But there are ways to make it work as well!

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Ways to survive online classes 😉

Avoiding Distractions :

We live in a world of social media. They distract us from our purpose and goal. 

Seeking Help :

Students should not hesitate to ask for help from their parents, friends and teachers regarding their studies. They should talk to their parents regarding their performance. They should reach to their teachers for personalized help and guidance unhesitatingly. 

Avoiding Multi-tasking :

Students should do one work at a time. During their online class, they should concentrate on their studies only and avoid other activities. Avoiding distractions is significant because we live in a world of social media. They distract us from our purpose and goal. 

Staying Positive :

Positivity is very important during these trying times. Students should create healthy and uplifting environment and stay in touch with their friends, family and teachers.

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Online classes are a necessity in this daunting pandemic situation. And as long as you have the right strategies to deal with them, they aren’t that scary either!

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