Entering college is a completely new and fun-filled phase of your life, the nerves are endless, the excitement is off the charts, and the overthinking? Let’s not go there. For the outstation students, it’s even more exciting yet troublesome. As there’s an entire shift, not only from school to college; but also in moving from your hometown to a new city. You embark on a new journey with a DU college as well as a hostel, both of these have a huge impact on your life. And it is obvious to feel anxious about the new city, new friends, and new experiences that are in store for you. But isn’t living alone what we all wanted? At least at some point in our lives, we did.

Trust me, these three years of your life in the hostel are the ones you will reminisce all the time. They will make you grow as a person and create bonds that will last for life or 3 days. A lot of you probably have no idea what hostel life is about, well trust me you’re in good hands. So, here are some experiences that all of you will be exposed to in days ahead and should be prepared for. Don’t worry it’s not that bad…I think?

Beginning The Hostel Life With A Bag Full Of Emotions. 

Initially, Hostel life would not be as fun as you imagine it to be. Yes, all those college movies did us wrong. The feeling of nostalgia encroaches on you, making you feel homesick and the fear of living alone hits you hard. Slowly and gradually you start feeling empowered, you start making your own decisions, about the smallest thing and the biggest alike. You somehow learn how to be independent. You start living life to the best of your ability and feel confident when you do things. That to not just for yourself but also for others. Rightly so, you enter your hostel room just with a bag of luggage but you come out with a lot of memories which you’ll fondly remember after these 3 years of graduation. Some sweet, some sour, and some that would just make you want to puke, but they’re all worth it.

Your Room Becomes Your Wonderland!! 

It’s perfectly normal to not feel like going out or to feel lazy or directionless. The feeling of comfort that the hostel room gives you cannot be measured. Falling on your bed after a terrible day is like a big warm hug. Be it when you feel thrilled, happy, or upset, you always have that favourite corner in your room to go back to which instantly makes you feel at ease. It’s not wrong to say that eventually, your room becomes your ‘go-to place’.

SLEEPING??? Hostel Life Mai Bas Yeh Hi Nahi Ki…  

Sleeping at night is a myth here (where are my night owls?). It is the perfect time to gossip with your hostel / PG mates or to binge-watch a series with a cup of chai and Maggi to satisfy your midnight craving. And then we end up sleeping in between the lectures instead. Proper Time Management people.

HOSTEL FRIENDS – Your Very Own Survival Kit

From your days of joys to sorrows, your hostel mates are going to be with you. You will always find them by your side through thick and thin. Giving you either all kinds of advice, doing the scolding (mummy ki taraf se); or just hugging you and telling you that it is going to be okay. When they are by your side you feel confident and assured that you’re not alone in any given situation. From celebrating birthdays together to crying together that “ kuch nahi padha yaar” a week before exams, you explore a new side of yourself with your hostel mates who from strangers turn into friends for life and family away from home.

When the Struggle For Food Gets Real. 

When you’re living in a hostel, you’ll constantly miss “maa ke haath ka khana”. Jugaad becomes a key here when you have to struggle and crave for that one piece of paneer in matar paneer. Hiding food from your bhukkad friend is a must. Eventually, Maggi becomes your ‘harr cheez me saath dene vala saathi’, when you find yourself having it at any given time of the day. You lose count of the number of times you get to hear “you owe me a party “, now and then for no reason whatsoever.

These years in the hostel will make you grow and explore traits in yourself that you had no idea existed. You won’t mind sharing your food, doing chores, losing time gossiping, and laughing endlessly like freaks. You’ll meet people from every corner of the country which will warm your heart. You will also get to learn from their share of experiences. Enjoy each day to the fullest because after you graduate these are the days that you will fondly look back at with a grin on your face.



Jyotismita Sutradhar

Jyotismita Sutradhar

Jyotismita takes pleasure in figuring out things that don't matter. She's constantly juggling between overthinking and being carefree. Her everlasting love for sketching and playing with colours always finds its presence in her routine.


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