Lemme take you all to one of the oldest and renowned institutions under Delhi University. Yeah, it’s none other than the 121 years old legacy, HINDU COLLEGE. The college is spread across a 25-acre campus. Back in 1942, responding to Gandhi’s Quit India Movement, the college played a substantial role in India’s freedom struggle.

  •  The College has received A+ grading by the NAAC by UGC (Only 2 Other colleges of Delhi University received the A + grading).
  • The College has 4000 students admitted in various courses.
  • It has ranked NO 1 in Arts and Science stream and NO 2 in Commerce stream (survey of INDIA TODAY BEST COLLEGES RANKING 2020).

This college is famous for its fests and the beautiful campus. Okay, now close your eyes, I’ll take you to the doors of the college.

Campus – A Perfect Visual Treat:

Sanganeria science block at hindu college
Sangaraneria Science Block at Hindu College.

The sprawling campus has one auditorium, a seminar room and maintains a playground and a sports complex. Hindu college also has physics and chemistry laboratories, NCC and NSS rooms, a computer room, photocopier and a stationery shop. Apart from this, the college has:

  1. A Students’ Centre that offers a bank and a canteen.
  2. The new academic block, Sanganeria science block is the whole attraction of the college.
  3.  If the ACAD block is for the science department, why do other’s care, it’s the ultimate hangout spot for every hinduite.

Bharat Ram Centre – Perfect photoshoot spot:

Next, Bharat Ram Centre students call it (BRC) has a history which is way much older than this college. Every Hinduite will never forget to click pictures here, as this is the perfect photo shoot spot of the college.

Bharat Ram Centre Hindu College
The Photoshoot wall at Hindu College

There is a wonderful wall painted with superhero pictures on the campus. And if you don’t click a picture here, you ain’t a true hinduite😂 (you know if you know).

Sports Complex:

Sports ground at Hindu College
Sports Ground of Hindu College

Class!?or no class!? Or free time… sports complex and playground is the other home for many hinduites.
Every day you can find this habit of having bet cricket matches, which is the most interesting part and volleyball court has a separate fanbase, irrespective of departments you can find everyone together here.

The Magnanimous Library:

Library at Hindu College
Entrance of Hindu College.

Hindu College’s library is one of the oldest college libraries in the Delhi University. Set up in 1899, along with the foundation of the college it serves as a treat for the bookworms. 
Most of the students here just go to the library only in search of girls during their first years, Hahaha.

The Trees Of the College:

Trees at Hindu College
The infamous trees of Hindu college.

Talking about the trees in the college, they have their own long history.
C tree, you can find all the NSS people discussing here and mostly all other society meetings happen here too.
V tree, famously known as the virgin tree is the most unique celebration of the college, where they do puja during valentines day (which is being a controversy for others). Hostlers of this college do it as a tradition.

Virgin tree of Hindu College
Source: DU beat

They celebrate it by hanging photos of famous actresses and condoms in the branches :p and the Mr.fresher of the hostel has to conduct the V tree puja.

The Eye-catching Lawns:

Lawns of hindu college
The lush-green lawns at Hindu College.
  • The NSS lawns and tbh people come early to the classes only to sit and chill there in the lawns. All the major events take place here.
  • Next is Principal lawns, it is only open for the major events and the departmental photoshoots, it is way more beautiful as it is filled with so many flowers and always for being green.
  •  The Eco balcony has a separate fan base.
    The research centre is going to be established in Hindu College, which is first of its kind in DU.

The breathtaking societies: 

As we all know societies and elections play a vital role in college days. The college has a lot of societies.

  •  Debsoc – the debating society
  •  Ibtida is the dramatics society of the College, formed by Imtiaz Ali, (our very own film director of Jab we met, Rockstar and Highway) while he was a student at the college.
  • The women’s development cell of Hindu college has been very effective in gender sensitisation.
  • The Indian music society of the college called Alankar organises its annual festival Harmony every year.
  • The Students’ Parliament, it allocates funds to the various societies. Members of students’ parliament are elected by students and it takes care of the student’s demands.
  •  NAKSHATRA – the fashion society.
  • Annulus, the society of the mathematics department, which publishes a magazine every year on DU.
  • Disha – The Placement Cell of Hindu College.

The Celebration Mode:

Election celebration at hindu college
Election winning celebration at Hindu College.

● Then post-victory/defeat trip. Hindu college has a prime minister’s office and it even has a legit cabinet too. (Ek PM India Ki parliament me aur Ek PM Hindu Ki parliament me, every Hinduite must have boasted this line at least once during his/her college days).
● Getting the opportunity to be a part of that victory dance and Holi celebration In-front of Hindu college boys hostel after winning elections is no less than a lifetime achievement.

The taste delight:

Source: DU Express

● Manish bhaiya, the famous samosa uncle will always continue to steal the limelight.
PAM uncle got no chill. If you ever visit Hindu college, do drop by at PAM, tandoori pasta, Pam burger and other eatables there will surely steal your heart.
Hindu college canteen got admirers all over the campus. The paneer naan, the rolls, and the dosa are a must-try here.

The Star’s Show:

Source: DU Beat

Every semester is lit by the society and cultural fests such as mushaira, vaktavya etc. and MECCA – the big daddy of college fests. The sports ground of the college unites all, intaking Vitamin D in winters. Many celebrities grace us with their presence at Mecca. 

Girlfriend Ban Ja Meri!! If this dialogue strikes a chord in your head, yes, the very famous scene from Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar movie, has been shot in the campus of Hindu college.
The Hinduites take much pleasure in bragging about how grand their college is!
So if somebody tells you that this is the bench where Ranbir Kapoor has sat for a scene, believe him!

“Hinduites are Dynamites”:

Source: Hindu College website

With its logo saying, ‘Music of Truth’, Hindu College never failed to mould the future citizens of our country and the wall of fame in the college proves this every time. 

Life here in Hindu college is a complete package. For anyone who wishes to explore beyond their books, this is just the right place. Lucky enough to grab a seat at Hindu? Gear up for the most fun-filled college days!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. For more articles on DU colleges, you can click here. Also, let us know in the comment section if you could relate to it or recollect your old college days:)


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