DU does a lot of things right and one of the very best among them is the FESTS. Remember, in school, when we used to wait the whole year just for the sports day. Just so that we could do whatever we want to; and show our cool dude side to everybody (with the teacher’s permission, of course). Fests are just a levelled-up version of the school sports day. Except…(drumroll) the fests are a lot more fun and exciting, where you can let your hair down and enjoy it to the fullest!  

Initially, when you enter DU, your Dharma productions college dreams are shattered, and you come to terms with ‘reality’ ( ouch) but it is the DU fests which makes you feel like, ‘yes, yahi chahiye, issi ke liye aaye hai hum DU!’ From beautiful stalls to tasty cuisines, heartthrob singers to national crushes, aesthetic decoration to entertaining performances by talented societies and individuals, crazy rides and fun games, fests are an all in one package of amusement.

All the colleges under DU provide an over the top buffet of entertainment that you you will remember forever. Quick tip- make a schedule for the fests of different colleges on different dates. And mind you, unlike your studying schedule, this fest schedule will be followed with complete dedication. Also, college attendance se hattkar, your fest attendance will always be 100%. (Wink-wink)  

Bro fest me casual ya ethnic?

You see, some serious fashion sense in the fests and the glitz and glamour raise the oomph factor. You have a natural urge to look good in the fests and why not!! 

It’s your day. You can either channel your inner Poo (k3g ) or Abhimanyu (Soty) or anybody for that matter and make people’s heads turn with your style. The college washrooms, during fests no longer serve their purpose, and are everybody’s very own vanity van. People are enjoying in groups and you will surely notice a similar pattern in all the groups. (group ke Saath twinning important hai boss) Everybody in the group will be donning a similar style whereas one will be the odd one out who probably got tricked and is now roaming with awkwardness and an odd outfit.  

Outfit ki planning ek mahine  pehle se start ho jati hai, itna toh exams ke liye bhi nahi karte hum; and this is when the street shop hopping begins.  Sarojini and Janpath are explored and turned upside down; these are the top two destinations for cheap and trendy outfits.  

From Heels to shoes, beard or clean shaved, smokey eye makeup or winged eyeliner, kurta or shirt,  skirt or shorts, suit or dress, everyone is in a dilemma on what will look the best.  

Iss baar kon aarha hai?

Jublin Nautyal at DU fests
Source: Nexus SVC Instagram

Colleges invite famous artists that make the audience drool with their persona and talent. Every year the excitement level is the highest when the celebrity show is about to start. The bar just keeps getting higher and higher every year.  Different colleges try to bring the best artists for the crowd to enjoy to the fullest. Be it Jubin Nautiyal or Sunidhi Chauhan, Nooran Sisters or the Sanam Band, Ayushmann  Khurana or Armaan Malik, everybody aces the event with their best gigs, making the girls and boys go gaga over them. Dancing on the trendy tunes, laughing at the inside jokes, and fangirling and fanboying over the stars, fests make you experience what means to be a part of DU.  

Students from different universities eye on the passes of different fests. Because believe me, DU fests fulfil the expectations that Karan Johar set for college life (to some extent which you dreamt back in 2012 when Soty released.)

Bhai aaja stalls ghumke aayein! 

Stalls at fests in DU
Source: Pinterest

Stalls, quizzes, games, rides and competitions are a must to attend in the fests. And these are the ones that engagingly complete the fest. You see a variety of stalls sprinkled all over the college campus and students hoarded around them. From dumb charades to darts, Golgappa eating challenges to balancing acts, food stalls to hand made article stalls, everything is a must to explore and you feel like buying and munching on everything you discover.  

Hum stage ke pas wale area me hain, pohoch ke call kardio!

Be it LSR’s EDM night or Khalsa’s star night, SRCC’s Street plays or Miranda’s Battle of bands, KNC’s fashion show or Maitreyi’s dance performances and many many more entertaining events, every DU college fest guarantees you immense engagement, enjoyment and lots of memories!

Last me bas itna he kehna chahengay ki DU aakar fest nahi attend kiye, toh kya khak DU aaye bhaiya. Also, in case you are wondering which fests to attend, here is a list for that too. 

Aditi Singh

Aditi Singh

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