DU College V/S Course – Tips to make the right decision.

Lakhs of students apply for admissions under various courses, in the numerous colleges of DU every year. DU is regarded as one of India’s most prestigious universities. DU is famous for its stunning alumni network, the vast scope of exposure for students, unmatched legacy, and all that students can crave for in their aspirations of higher education. With the admission process of one of the most difficult years of recent times kick-starting soon, aspiring Fuchchas are about to face one of the classic DU dilemmas – the cool college or the sensible course? Well, we as their soon-to-be beloved seniors thought that we should help them out, right? So, here’s our attempt to list down points one must keep in mind while applying in DU 😉

DU College and Campus
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Interests – Dil kya chahta hai?

The first thing that matters in this debate of DU college vs course is your interest and fascination. It is your interest that should form the foundation of your choice. One should never compromise with the course of their interest and inclination under any circumstances; even if it means not getting your desired college. If to get the college of your choice, you opt for a course that you are not at all interested in and pursue it. It may result in being fatal for your career and you may end up regretting your decision later. And by then, you won’t have a choice  

Your Goals – Course Se Career, College Se ‘Coolness’…Kya Chahiye Aapko?

DU has some of the best faculty in the business, regardless of which college you get. While some colleges do have better professors than the others, that is generally not the reason most students have while choosing a DU college over the course. The course you choose needs to match your career goals and ambitions. Many students end up choosing courses they are clueless about; (like taking up Sanskrit when you can’t read a shloka to save your life XD) just to get into a prestigious and ‘cool’ college. One must be clear about goals (or at least be clear about what they can cope with) before they choose the college and the course. You can always opt for a related course in a better (read ‘cooler’) college if you are getting it, but don’t go for one that you can’t survive 😊 

College & Course – The Better Future Prospects? 

Nahi Kari future planning? Chill, hum hai Na! The question here is – What impact will this decision make on your future? As for your course, it will give you academic recognition. It’s a part of your identity, the part which decides your career. You must have information regarding what the course can offer you before you go for it. Your college degree will forever be permanent, whatever your career is (or isn’t).

College, on the other hand, is just the institution you’ll be in for your undergrad – a few, yet crucial, years. Moreover, your degree certificate will have just the university’s name, not your college’s. You might end up outperforming students from ‘better’ colleges if you choose the course that you want to pursue with your heart. While choosing a random course to get the desired college (or campus 😉) may end up limiting you as an individual. Samjhe prospects ka Matlab? 

What if the Course doesn’t matter? – Yep, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai 😉

Yes, a college does matter when it comes to extracurricular activities like dramatics, dance, NCC and much more. And that could be a valid reason to choose a college over course, but only when you believe that your degree wouldn’t be essential in your career. Choosing the college because you want the advantages you would get by being a part of a certain extracurricular society is, in fact, okay. Your course should then be the one that helps you complete your graduation without a lot of effort into academics. However, a word of caution – this only makes sense if you are sure about being successful in your chosen career. If not, the course again becomes important. While (cooler) college societies do help you, you can find opportunities even in the less popular college societies.

Choosing a college means choosing a brand and prestige while choosing a course means choosing your career. While the college does help you in developing your overall personality and outlook, it is better to not compromise on the course. A few years of enjoying being in a ‘cool’ college could end up in a lifetime of regret. Not having a prestigious college can be compensated (after all, DU ka Naam to hai hi Na!), but a mediocre performance from your ‘cool’ college? That cannot be compensated. Microsoft’s Satya Nadella did not pursue his education from IITs or NITs, just like many other successful people who might not have a prestigious alma mater but have made a career in what they are good at. And that is what counts. If your choice ends up making you the brand, then no other names would matter!

In case you need any help with the admission process, you can refer to this article here. Also, in case your query remains unsolved, you can contact us.


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