According to DU PWD or PwBD (Person with Benchmark Disability), students will get a reservation. PWD students will get a relaxation in merit-based admission and the entrance test. This will be up to the extent of 5% until all seats are filled. 3 % seats in all undergraduate and postgraduate institutions are for candidates having minimum 40 per cent disabilities.

The following are the categories of disabilities as mentioned in the Schedule to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. It states that the following are eligible to get the benefit of the said reservation-

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1. Locomotors Disability – It is a disability-related to bones, joints and muscles. It further includes “leprosy cured person” who is a person that has been cured of leprosy but is suffering from the following—
(i) loss of sensation/movement in hands or feet as well as paresis in the eye and eye-lid.
(ii) manifest deformity and paresis but having sensations in hands and feet to use them for daily needs;
(iii) extreme physical deformity which prevents him/her from undertaking any occupation.

2. “cerebral palsy” refers to a neurological condition that originates from brain damage and is a common motor and movement disability among children.

3. “dwarfism” refers to an adult whose height is 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimetres) or less as a result of genetic or other medical conditions.

4. “muscular dystrophy” is a group of diseases that cause loss of muscle mass and other progressive weakness gradually.

5. “acid attack victims”

B. Visual impairment – It includes the following:
1. “Blindness”
2. “Low-vision”
C. Hearing Impairment

1. “ deaf” – which is the loss of 70 DB hearing loss (both ears).
2. “ hard of hearing” – Loss of 60-70 DB hearing loss (both ears).
3. “ speech and language disability” – refers to a permanent problem that happens because of conditions like laryngectomy or aphasia.


It is characterised by below-average intelligence and lack of skills necessary for everyday functioning which includes a person’s ability to learn and reason and having limitations in adaptive behaviour. It covers mainly –
1. “specific learning disabilities”
2. “autism spectrum disorder”


“Mental illness” means a condition that affects mood, thinking and behaviour of a person which includes depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and other mental health disorders.


1. Chronic neurological conditions that can disrupt the day to day functioning of a person, examples of such disabilities being “multiple sclerosis” and “Parkinson’s disease”.
2. A blood disorder such as “haemophilia”, “Thalassemia” and “sickle cell disease”

MULTIPLE DISABILITIES – Having multiple disabilities( more than 1) mentioned above.

MUST NOTE: Applicants must furnish a valid disability certificate issued by a Government approved hospital, bearing a photograph of the applicant.


  •  The students belonging to the PWBD category are exempted from paying University and Examination fees (except Delhi University Student Union subscriptions, identity and admission fees).
  • PWBD applicants who take admissions in the Unreserved Category’s cutoff and do not take the marks concessions provided for the reserved PWBD category will also get the fees exemptions provided to PWBD reserved category students.
  •  PWBD applicants are given hostel fee concessions too, they do not need to pay HOSTEL FEES and other CHARGES ( except Mess fees and Caution fees )
  •  Concessions regarding PWBD students for fellowships are as follows:
    i) If the value of the fellowship is up to 3000/per month then the applicant will get his/her fees waived off and 50% mess subsidy
    ii) If the value of the fellowship is from ₹ 3001 to 8000/per month then the applicant will get his/ her fees waived off but no mess subsidy.
    iii) If the value of the fellowship is from ₹8001 and above/per month then the applicant will neither get his/ her fees waived off and neither mess subsidy.

Note: Admitted Fellowship Students (PWBD) should submit their Scholarship forms in their respective college administrations by February for the grant of concessions they get via DU PWD reservation policies.

We hope this article regarding DU guidelines on PWD reservation was helpful to you. Also, just in case you are looking for EWS reservation you can check this article out.

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